Friday, 22 October 2010

Inconsiderate deliveries and ineffective parking controls

Photo taken 11.00am on 22nd October 2010 in Brokesley Street. 
This delivery lorry is completely blocking Brokesley Street
Registration Number FJ56 VWV - parked next to the double yellow lines
next to the Hanover Place gates and on top of the Keep Clear Notice

Many residents in Brokesley Street - a very narrow cul de sac - are more than a bit fed up with the way parking controls are constantly ignored by those making deliveries and parking very badly in the street.  

Vans blocking the road make it impossible for residents to enter or exit the road by car - or for emergency vehicles to get in or out either.

Hearing a car making repeated use of the horn, our Brokesly Street representative took these photos this morning of a lorry which was completely blocking the road while making a delivery to a household in Hanover Place (the gated development).

A resident of Brokesley Street was trying to exit the street and drive his daughter to an important appointment.  He was completely unable to pass this unattended lorry for several minutes. 

These photos and a link to this blog post and the photographs on the Flickr site Brokesley Street - Controlled Parking Infringements - including a very clear photograph of the registration plate - will now be sent to Tower Hamlets Parking Control

FJ56 VWV - Caught on Camera!


All other deliveries which are seen to behave with similar lack of consideration for local residents will also be photographed and the photo sent to Parking Control.

This action will be repeated every time a truck blocks the street and we "hear about it".  There is space for trucks to park in the two red route parking bays on Mile End Road.  You can also get parking restrictions lifted by contacting Parking Control  

Advice to Residents

Please use your common sense and be considerate to neighbours.  Next time it might be you who is blocked from getting into or out of the street.
  • DO make sure when you order goods that the company knows they will NOT be able to access Brokesley Street using a large vehicle or else will risk getting photographed and fined
  • DO tell delivery companies about the red route parking bays on Mile End Road for deliveries via truck.  It's perfectly feasible for delivery men to wheel goods down the street.
  • DO arrange with Parking Control for the restrictions to be lifted to allow a lorry to park in the street - if you have a major delivery or are moving house.  You will however need to give them notice.
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