Monday, 25 October 2010

Site Investigation Survey in Southern Grove

Letter about the Site Investigation Survey - right click and open in new tab to see larger size
Residents of Brokesley Street were last week advised that a Site Investigation Survey would be conducted this week at the mothballed council site at 40-60 Southern Grove.

This letter:
  • failed to contact the Mile End Residents Association to explain what was happening 
  • failed to explain the context of the site investigation survey.  For example are there plans to develop the site?
  • failed to provide an address or email address for the person who was the signatory - Andrew Shirras, Business Support and Programme Manager, adulys Health and well Being
  • failed to provide an email address, job title or name of the employer for the person who was identified as the person to contact if there were any queries.  The failure of an email to the named individual Greg Unson appears to indicate the person to contact in case of queries is not a Tower Hamlets Council employee
  • failed to provide the number of the Noise Nuisance hotline
Council officers might live their lives on the phone but they fail to understand that not everybody else does and some of us like to know who we are dealing with and to have a record of their responses in writing!

We have written to Mr Shirras and Mr Unson as follows
Could you please explain:
  • why has Mile End Residents Association (MERA) not been advised about the Site Investigation?
  • what is the purpose of the investigations in relation to the planned development of this site?
  • why is the Council is sending out letters which have neither an address nor an email address as contact information?
  • why does this letter not advise what the noise nuisance hotline number for if residents are NOT minded to be patient with the levels of noise being generated?
We expect those doing the site investigations to use all available machinery to contain noise to a reasonable level for a residential neighbourhood. 

Please note should the noise become excessive we shall be enocuraging ALL the residents to call the Environmental Health Noise Nuisance Hotline 020 7364 5007

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