Monday, 25 October 2010

Southern Grove Site Survey - The Council responds....

Percussive tools used at 08.30 on Monday 25th October 2010 outside centre on Southern Grove
Result!  The fastest response yet to an email from Mile End Residents association.  Mr Shirras's response arrived within 18 minutes of despatch of our email!
Dear Mile End Residents Association

Firstly, I apologise for not including contact details in the letter. We included a telephone number and a named Council officer because the drilling at Southern Grove is only taking place during normal working hours. We wanted residents to be able to talk to us directly. We will contact you in future, directly, as well as distributing letters to local residents.

The Council has not reached a decision on the future of the Southern Grove site. The drilling is the first stage in preparing information to help a decision be reached. No decision will be reached outside of the normal process and I am not aware what the timetable is for a decision.

I hope that the drilling has not caused any disruption to you. Please contact my colleague Greg Unson or me if you have any further questions.

Kind regards
Andrew Shirras
Service Manager - Business Support and Programme Management
Adults Health and Wellbeing Directorate
7th Floor, Anchorage House
E14 2BE
020 7364 2140

If you would like to contact either of the officers their email addresses are:
We will be seeking to discuss with them why noisy work started this morning at 8.30 when the planning condition relating to noise controls on all the site work on the Eric & Treby Estate ban all noisy work starting before 10am.

This is a very residential area and all site investigations need to respect that fact.

[A further update from the Corporate Complaints Team.  It would appear that Mr Sherras doesn't know who he's emailing!
Dear Sir/Madam,

Having looked at the staff directory, I believe you have the wrong spelling for Mr Eunson.

His email address is:

Kind Regards,
Pollyanna Moore
Complaints Officer
Corporate Complaints, 6th loor Mulberry Place(AH)]

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