Thursday, 23 December 2010

Access to Eric Street flats improves but NOT resolved

Telford Homes have tried to "resolve" the problems with emergency access which MERA identified in relation to access to the flats on Eric Street whose front doors are at the rear.

 See Telford Homes ignore Emergency Access requirements.

They removed part of the railings!

BEFORE the limited access prevents the use of an ambulance trolley
It also creates a pinch point for residents trying to exit quickly in the event of an emergency
AFTER the railing has been removed.
However The access on the left is still less than the width of one paving slab
The width of the access to the flat is still less than the width of a paving slab.  
So what was the problem with moving the hoarding to the left?
Now - for some more questions:
  • If there's a fire and the flammable painted hoarding catches fire - how does that work in terms of the health and safety of the residents trying to leave their flats for their own safekeeping?
  • Does the width left for access comply with the amount of space required to facilitate disabled access for residents and their friends and family - or is Telford Homes ignoring disabled people?
Residents can be assured that they at least have access to a verifiable public record of the extent to which Telford Homes have demonstrated the level of their concern about protecting residents' health and safety and the access of disabled people.

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