Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Telford Homes ignore Emergency Access requirements

We inspected progress being made in constructing hoarding around Open Space 5 (behind Eric Street) last Saturday.  Below you can see the view of the hoarding being erected beyond the tunnel.

Does anybody managing this project actually understand that:
  • all exits and entrances from buildings MUST meet requirements for emergency exits in the event of fire or other emergency
  • residents need to be able to get out quickly in the event of a fire - and their exit should surely not involve inflammable or combustible material - like wood hoardings!
  • an ambulance needs to be able to get a trolley for somebody in need of an ambulance around this corner.........
Saturday 20th November 2011:  Stakes indicate where hoarding is going to go
The hoarding has now been erected - see below.  

Monday 22nd November 20100: this is supposed to qualify as an emergency exit?

On the right you can see how much room is allowed for an ambulance trolley or residents exiting from a fire.

Interestingly the hoarding for Open Space 5 cannot be found anywhere on the Hoardings Plans.

MERA will now be reporting this hoarding to:
  • the Health and Safety Executive (construction sites)
  • Tower Hamlets Planning (Development Control and the Enforcement Team)
  • Tower Hamlets Environmental Health 
  • The Emergency Services
In the meantime we shall be asking (1) our local Councillors who are Board Members of EastendHomes and (2) Telford Homes about the health and safety qualifications of their respective project managers.

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