Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ennerdale House Rubbish Problem: Day 54

This morning the recycling bins outside the entrance to Ennerdale House are overflowing and contaminated AGAIN

This is because Tower Hamlets Council Waste Management have still NOT provided any black bins for non-recyclable normal domestic refuse in bags which are too big for the chute.

Are EastendHomes and the Council seriously suggesting that people should:

  • completely abandon their normal kitchen swing bins (bearing in mind most people got rid of pedal bins years ago)?
  • go out and buy a pedal bin (who's going to pay for it when people have perfectly serviceable kitchen swing bins)?
  • separate out all the gooey messey niffy stuff which ends up in a kitchen bin (from rotting fruit and veg to left over curry to the cat poo)?
  • into small chute suitable plastic bags on their kitchen floor (well where else?  How sanitary is that?  Does nobody care about health and safety?)?
  • avoid having any rubbish at all which is too big for the chute and does not require a call to the people who collect large items?
So where are the black bins and how many days is it going to take to produce them?

Links to previous posts about this problem - all of which have been ignored to date:

The problem was first reported to the Council on 31st October 2010 after Telford Homes blocked off the access to the rubbish skip at the rear of Ennerdale House without any prior notice.

Four working days left before our complaint 
to the Council goes to the Ombudsman.

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