Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Broke Club to be relaunched AGAIN!

The news on the Broke Club, on the corner of Mile End Road and Burdett Road, is as follows:
  • a pretty quiet December was followed by a very noisy New Years Eve causing disturbance to local residents
  • the Club will be closed most of January for a refurbishment
  • The Club will be changing its name and will relaunch in the first week of February for "a more mature and corporate market" (Haven't we heard that one before?  Isn't that what they told the Licensing Committee and Court?)
  • the Club are now keen to provide a benefit to the local community and welcome suggestions for events and functions
Reading between the lines it seems to MERA unlikely that the Club would be able to stay in business and/or keep its licence if:
  • it continued to operate as it has in 2010, particularly if there were contraventions of the assurances given to the Licensing Committee and Magistrates and the conditions of the Licence.
  • contravened the terms of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill  which is currently going through parliament.  (More about this tomorrow)
MERA welcomes the notion that the Club could become much more community oriented and also become a resource for the Local Community.  

What follows are the notes taken at the meeting with the Club last night
NOTES of a residents’ meeting at Broke London, 562a Mile End Road. 
The meeting took place on Tuesday 4th January 2011 at 7:30pm.
The purpose of the meeting was liaison between the club management and local residents, of whom 5 were present, representing both sides of the Mile End Road, including members of Mile End Residents’ Association and Eaton Terrace Residents’ Association. The club was represented by Benn Wilson and Dante Williams.
Residents stated that December had been pretty quiet except for New Year’s Eve, which had been quite noisy. It was difficult to identify how much of the noise had been related to the club. Benn stated that the club had closed at 4:00am and residents noted that this coincided with an upsurge of noise in the streets between 4:00 and 4:30am.
Benn stated that the club would be closed for most of January for refurbishment prior to a rebranding and re-launch in February. The club would be re-named ‘Boheme’ (echoes of La Boheme ballroom). The operation would be re-focussed to concentrate on a more mature and corporate market. Benn stated that the launch will take place during the first week of February and local residents would be invited to attend.
Dante stated that the club wished to be seen as a resource for the local community and invited suggestions for events and functions that could be held there to benefit the community and to utilise the resource. During discussion residents present make a number of suggestions.
A follow-up meeting was fixed for Tuesday 22nd February at 7:30pm.
If you have any queries or suggestions please contact us (see right hand column) or the Quiet Night organisation.

What to do if there is a disturbance

For Information:  These are the Broke Club - Terms of the Licence.  Below is advice on what to do if you experience a disturbance to your quiet enjoyment of the amenity of this residential area.
  1. Call the Council's Out of Hours Hotline for Noise Nuisance during unsocial hours 0207 364 7070.  This operates until 4am.  State where you live, where the noise is coming from and the nature of the noise which is causing a disturbance.  
  2. Call the Council's Anti-social Behaviour Hotline: 0800 917 5918 - This is a 24 hour freephone number. To report any kind of anti-social behaviour anonymously; including verbal and physical abuse and threats, harassment, criminal activity, vandalism, graffiti and damage to property, noise nuisance or continuous environmental health issues. Your information will be passed on to the appropriate council team to report and action if necessary
  3. Call the Police non emergency hotline 0300 123 1212 if people are being rowdy or displaying anti-social behaviour during unsocial hours
  4. Call the Police on 999 if violence or intimidation has taken place as a resut of people going to or coming from club
  5. Make a complaint in writing to Kathy Driver, Acting Principal Licensing Officer for Tower Hamlets Council.  The number of complaints received are influential in determining licensing of premises so it's important people write.  This can be via email to 
  6. Benn Wilson is on call to deal with any queries arising from a disturbance associated with the club. Should you be affected by one and need his mobile number please email us at  Please note we do not operate 24 hours so if you have experienced disturbance and want the number please call NOW! 

Anti-social and rowdy behaviour
which wakes local residents will NOT be tolerated in Mile End
Click the link here to send any information and comments

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