Saturday, 8 January 2011

Ennerdale House - the rubbish problem continues

After a period of improvement the Ennerdale House rubbish situation takes a nose dive.
On the up side the recycle bins are all "non contaminated".
However with no further space in the general bins how long will this last?
Sat 8th Jan 2011 09.40 

Two months plus and counting........

It's fair to say that the residents of Ennerdale House have been doing their bit. Now the additional non-recycling bins have been provided the rubbish which can't be recycled is being put in those bins and only the recycling rubbish is going in the purple bins

Which rather proves the point that it was the absence of adequate rubbish collection facilities and adequate communication which has been causing the problme - NOT the residents.

However - the the numbers of non-recycling bins are still inadequate and/or the frequency of the collection needs to be increased because unsightly rubbish spilling out of bins is still occurring.

All 3 general waste bins are full to overflowing
These and other discarded rubbish is in full view of residents of visitors to Ennerdale House
Sat 8th Jan 2011 09.40
Another report to Fix My Street has been made!

MERA's complaint about this problem was first reported to the Council on 31st October 2010 after Telford Homes blocked off the access to the rubbish skip at the rear of Ennerdale House without any prior notice or communication with the residents.

Two months later the problem is still as bad as ever.  There is no solution and, whichever way you count the number of days, it's very clear to us that this problem is in the final stages of the complaints process prior to moving on to the Local Government Ombudsman

It is totally unsatisfactory that the problems with the collection / storage and disposal of residents rubbish - within the context of the regeneration scheme - should take so long to be resolved.

Links to previous posts about the Ennerdale waste management problem
Implications for the planning condition relating to waste collection

Monday is the final day for consultation on the planning condition relating to the revised waste collection arrangements.  MERA will be detailing all the problems which have occurred to date with the temporary arrangements and why reliance on the proposed method of collection cannot be supported.

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