Sunday, 16 October 2011

Rubbish problems continue for Eric/Treby & Bow Trinity

Last week these were the problems with waste management and street cleanliness on and around EastendHomesEric and Treby Estate - which in turn surrounds the new Bow Trinity development.

The following were reported by Mile End Residents Association to Fix My Street this week.

Rubbish bins overflowing outside Ennerdale House
We shall continue to post about the waste management problems in this area until there are no problems to post about!

The role of EastendHomes

EastendHomes are responsible for making sure that, in relation to ALL estate properties, there are never any unsightly problems with overflowing rubbish bins on the Eric & Treby Estate and rubbish being left on the streets or pavements because:
  • there are enough rubbish bins of an appropriate type 
  • the bins are situated in a place which means they do not spoil the appearance of people's homes (eg in a bin store) 
  • the frequency of collection is adequate for the avoidance of any unsightly mess
  • tenants and leaseholders are educated as to what is recycling rubbish and what is normal rubbish and how/where to dispose of larger items
  • they monitor the state of the bins and the streets and take appropriate action
MERA has seen very little evidence of the above to date - although there have been some efforts to educate people about recycling.

The role of Tower Hamlets Council 

This is how the reporting process works:
  • ANYBODY can contact the Council however they choose to notify problem with non-collection of waste or the state of the streets due to overflowing waste bins and/or flytipping
  • MERA reports all problems via FixMyStreet we find as this provides online documentation of the reported problem and whether/when it is fixed
  • Tower Hamlets Council (LBTH) is notified by Fix My Street straight after being contacted by MERA.  
  • LBTH then contact Veolia - the waste management contractors whose job it is to get the rubbish cleared within the standards laid down by the contract.  
  • LBTH must meet standards for waste management - The Council is also responsible for ensuring that the contractor meets the contract standards.
In the right hand column we've got a new section - WASTE MANAGEMENT AND STREET CARE relating to the contact points for 
  • FixMyStreet
  • Tower Hamlets Waste Management and Street Cleansing
If you'd like to try using FixMyStreet for yourself and would like some guidance get in touch with MERA (see side panel) and we'll show you how you can report dumped rubbish on the street online.  However you do need your own access to the Internet to do this.

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