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562 Mile End Road: man charged with murder

Murder of Kelvin Easton

BBC News - Man charged with Kelvin Easton stab murder in Mile End
Warren Allen, 29, of Steve Biko Road, Islington is accused of murder and due before Thames Magistrates' Court later.

Mr Easton was reportedly a close friend of Mark Duggan, whose killing by a police firearms officer triggered rioting in Tottenham, in August.

Mr Allen was arrested on Saturday in a joint operation between the Metropolitan and Thames Valley police forces.

Officers also arrested a 23-year-old woman on suspicion of assisting an offender. She was bailed until January.
Unfortunately this news report this morning by the BBC also perpetuates the myth that Kelvin Easton was stabbed outside the club.

The police evidence we heard indicates Kelvin Easton was found dying INSIDE the club at the foot of the stairs.  We have never heard any suggestion from the Police of there being any evidence that he left the club.

We have reported as follows to the BBC
Man charged with Kelvin Easton stab murder in Mile End

This reports that Kelvin Easton was killed outside the Boheme Club. So far as Mile End Residents Associations is aware THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Mile End Residents Association monitored the murder very closely as we, along with other local groups in the Mile End area, had been campaigning for better monitoring / closure of the club due to repeated breaches of the licence prior to the murder.

He was killed inside the club and the Licence Holder lost his licence as a result of the various and important breaches of the licence which (in our view) in part led to the killing.


MERA believes that the notion that he was killed outside the club stemmed from the Licensee's lies to the Police about what happened that night due to the various breaches of the licence which had taken place INSIDE the club. The police evidence we heard indicates Kelvin Easton was found dying at the bottom of the stairs inside the club. We have never heard any suggestion from the Police that the murder took place outside the club.

The other real cause for concern is the Magistrate who granted the original licence for a nightclub in premises (1) closely associated with a long history of criminal/anti-social behaviour linked to nightclub activities (2) located in a densely populated residential area. The application by Benn Wilson for a licence was originally refused by Tower Hamlets Licensing Authority due to massive lobbying by the local community.

Recent events at Mile End Road

Mile End Residents Association is aware activities in the premises at 562 Mile End Road involving large numbers of people have started up again - and that the Council's Licensing Department have been advised of this.

So far as we are aware the proper processes relating to the proper regulation of issues relating to the public health and safety of large numbers of people have yet to be observed by Tower Hamlets Council.

We understand informally from the Police that the track record of repeated and enforced closures of nightclubs on the premises due to illegal activity and criminal/anti-social behaviour associated with this venue (see Murder Club should NOT have been open!; Broke / Boheme Nightclub Licence REVOKED! 22 Apr 2011) means it is extremely unlikely that any future application for a licence for a nightclub or similar would ever be successful.

MERA supports the owners in seeking uses appropriate to this residential and family area. In our opinion that means
  • family-friendly only
  • likely to promote the economic health and well-being of the area
  • nothing connected to the night economy 
  • nothing likely to attract violence, crime or anti-social behaviour to this area
  • absolutely no more fast food shops
MERA will of course be scrutinising any planning application for a permanent change of use with great interest.

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  1. Hi Folks as you are aware Suede is open as a "Shisha Lounge" there is video on Youtube

    Links to Tower Hamlets College and Queen Mary are slightly alarming for somewhere that encourages 'smoking' presumably behind the posters on Burdett Road, not inside.


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