Monday, 23 January 2012

Clancey Docwra block Brokesley Street to emergency vehicles

ClanceyDocra are ignoring requirements to maintain 24/7 access for emergency vehicles into Brokesley Street by repeatedly blocking it with their vehicles during works to Site 10.

JCB blocks access of emergency vehicles to
Brokesley Street 23 January 2012

(right click image to see a larger version)
One of the conditions of the planning permission for the Eric/Treby Street Regeneration project was that there should be NO CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES in Brokesley Street due to the difficulties this presents for access by residents and, more importantly, to the 24/7 access required by emergency vehicles

Parking has been suspended at the top end of Brokesley Street over a number of days recently due to the need for water works relating to the new development on Site 10

In other words these are utility works which are directly related to the construction of the houses on Site 10 - 1-14 Brokesley Street

The suspension of parking was to allow vehicles to pass up and down the road as part of the road was cordoned off to allow works to drains.

The suspension of parking does NOT permit the road to be blocked by construction or utility companies.

Two separate incidents were witnessed within a period of 30 minutes at lunchtime on 23 January 2012 by a MERA Committee Member.

Firstly a truck was parked in the road - completely blocking the road - while it removed material. The line of the driver was that he could move at any time.  He ignores how long it takes him to get out of a street where he has to reverse up the street and into a main road to allow access by a fire engine or an ambulance.  There is no reason why a very large truck was required to remove the material.  A much smaller vehicle could have been used as has occurred elsewhere on the other regeneration sites which are part of this development.

Clancey Docwra Block access to emergency services
and local residents of Brokesley Street
Next a JCB set up - and became immobile - while it helped dig a trench.  This effectively blocked the road to emergency vehicles or local residents needing to leave their homes by car.  Hence photographs were taken.

The trench did not need to be dug by a JCB.  Trenches are dug all the time all over London without the use of a JCB.

This vehicle is being reported to Tower Hamlets Street Services
for blocking Brokesley Street on 23 January 2012
This vehicle and this infringement of the planning permission will now be reported to Parking Services and Decelopment Control respectively.

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