Thursday, 7 June 2012

Video: 2 MILLION litres of Thames Water floods Central Line

This is film footage from the BBC of what it looked like when 2 MILLION litres of water from the burst 24" drain in Wick Lane flooded the Central Line near the Olympic Park.

BBCTomEdwards's Space (see )
Footage of 2m litres of water flooding #central line - hopefully this link works

Click here to download: (3.96 MB)
When you see that footage it becomes a lot clearer what sort of challenge now faces Transport for London and why the Central Line is suspended.

It looks like residents in the Mile End area wanting to use the Central Line will have to wait a while longer while they pump all that water out! 

For those wanting to travel by tube: These are links to:
Were you affected by the shutdown of the Central Line yesterday and today?

For more information, see previous posts:

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