Thursday, 7 June 2012

Central Line resumes service (Thames Water problem remains)

Mile End Residents who are regular users of Central Line services will be pleased to hear that services have now re‑started between Bethnal Green and Leytonstone.  However, there are likely to be severe delays before it's completely back to normal.

Services were suspended yesterday due to the very severe flooding which was caused by a burst Thames Water main in the Stratford area.  This fused signals and flooded the tunnels and left tube travellers stranded in the tunnels.

Transport for London appear to have worked non-stop throughout the night to
  •  remove two million gallons of flood water and 
  • ensure that the tunnel, signalling, power and communications equipment were repaired.
Transport for London have offered their apologies for the inconvenience caused to people's journeys on Wednesday evening and Thursday.

The reality is, of course, is that they have nothing to apologise for.

The Thames Water Problem

This major problem was totally due to:
  • the way Thames Water approaches its maintenance work - with little regard for the potential impact on consumers (MERA has been very unimpressed with its approach in the past!) and 
  • its total inability to take appropriate responsibility for the burst main and its impact and to communicate effectively with the residents of East London as to what was happening yesterday.

There is still no news as to when the water main will be fixed.

In an emergency, this is what Thames Water is REQUIRED to do as per the OFWAT website.  Thames Water has FAILED to deliver services to standard during this emergency.
Emergency interruptionsIf the supply fails or is interrupted for emergency works, your company should tell you:
  • that the supply has been interrupted or cut off
  • where to get an alternative supply
  • the time by when the supply will be restored
  • the phone number from which you can get further information
When is Thames Water going to start remembering that it has a responsibility to the community to manage risks and avoid messing up?

When is Thames Water going to get an awful lot better at the way it approaches necessary work to water mains and drains?

When is communication by Thames Water going to start improving?

When is OFWAT - the Regulator for water services - going to ensure performance by Thames Water improves?

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