Friday, 6 July 2012

Mile End Station is a Hot Spot

During the Olympic Games, local residents need to be aware that Mile End Station will be exceptionally busy and is an OFFICIAL HOT SPOT.
2012 Games hotspot
Mile End Underground StationThis station is likely to be exceptionally busy between 7-9:30am and 4-10:30pm, including weekends.

Olympic Rings

This is what Transport for London (TfL) says
  • up to one million extra visitors are expected every day during the Games and there will be travel hotspots across London.
  • More of London will be affected than you think. The situation will change daily and often throughout the day. To avoid delay and disruption to your journey, you will need to plan ahead.

London 2012 has provided the Get Ahead of the Games website.  
TIPS for managing your travel
  • Start out earlier and allow extra time for your journey - you may find you're queuing to get into Mile End Station between
    • 7am - 9.30am
    • 4pm - 10.30pm
  • use the TfL 2012 Travel Planner to plan your journey via public transport
  • Use the Get Ahead of the Games Travel Planner website to plan journeys by car across and around  London and home counties within the context of Olympic events
  • We've added links to both these sites to the right hand column
  • Here are some of the suggested ways to make your journey easier
Management of crowds leaving the Live Site in Victoria Park

Mile End will have lots of extra visitors due to the BT London Live Site in Victoria Park.  Many of these will be leaving the site late at night.

MERA made strong representations at the Licensing Committee about this matter and will be keeping a very close eye on how crowds are managed and whether this is to a standard which keeps people safe from harm and residents sleep undisturbed.

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies will cause particular problems for people trying to catch a tube late at night.  
  • Some 20,000 people will be leaving the park late at night and many of them will come to Mile End Station and bus stops in the area.  
  • Those tubes going west will already be full of people leaving the Olympic Park.  
Management of Crowds at Mile End Station

Committee members have already noted that the Station is already becoming swamped by large groups of people visiting the area.  They are
  • blocking the entrance to the station and pavement along Mile End Road
  • causing an obstruction by waiting around in the ticket hall
We will be asking TfL what plans they have to ensure that:
  • the entrance to the station and the ticket area remain accessible and managed to a standard which 
    • ensures health and safety for all those using the station
    • maintain a satisfactory standard as an emergency exit from the station
  • the pavements remain accessible and do not necessitate people walking into Mile End Road
At present nothing is being done to manage the additional traffic and large groups but the management of flows both into and within the station will need to be radically improved as the numbers using the station increase if both local residents and visitors are to be kept safe from harm.

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