Friday, 20 November 2009

Audit Commission advertises for Tenant Inspection Advisers

The Audit Commission is advertising for Tenant Inspection Advisers

The Audit Commission is one of the government's "watchdogs". It protects our interests and how money from the public purse is spent. Through audit, inspection and research, it helps local authorities, arm's length management organisations (ALMOs) and housing associations - like EastendHomes - to improve their services. The Audit Commission also works with the Tenant Services Authority to help improve the performance of housing associations.

This website tells you what a Tenant Inspection Adviser does

Our Tenant Inspection Advisers (TIAs) form four regional pools, which our staff draw on periodically to carry out inspection and assessment work. TIAs join our inspection teams specifically to provide the viewpoint of tenants, leaseholders and customers on the quality of housing services delivered by housing providers. They also work on the inspection of benefit services delivered by local authorities.

A TIA’s input is invaluable in helping us reach conclusions that could improve social housing and benefits provision and services on a national basis. We support TIAs to undertake their inspection duties through briefing sessions and other means.

We strongly believe that inspections should focus on services as users experience them. That’s why we include service users on our inspection teams, wherever and whenever we can.

Tenant Inspection Advisers are paid between 131 and £141 per day (depending on location) plus expenses.

If you've ever felt that you'd like to help the people responsible for checking up in social housing landlords, this is the description of the the sort of person they are looking for

To become a Tenant Inspection Adviser you must be a current or recent tenant or leaseholder of a property owned and/or managed by a social registered landlord such as a local authority, housing association or other social housing provider. You’re also likely to be, or to have been, actively striving to improve social housing conditions for tenants, possibly by sitting on a tenants’ panel, ALMO, TMO or similar. An awareness of the issues affecting social housing tenants across the country is important, as is a willingness to deepen your experience in this area.

Proficient in MS Word, email and the internet, you need to be a strong communicator with the confidence to encourage tenants to express their true opinions, and the ability to interpret clearly what they are saying. You also need excellent report writing skills, and the ability to make objective and balanced judgements. A calm, rational approach is vital.

Tenant Inspection Advisers - what we look for

Applications close on 11th December 2009 and assessments take place over a number of days, w/c 18th January 2010.

If you think you can make a difference, why not download the job description?

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