Saturday, 31 July 2010

Manual for Streets & comments on planning conditions

Consultation deadline

The deadline for comments on the next set of applications for approvals of details relating to the redevelopment of the Eric & Treby Estate is 5th August 2010.

These are:
  1. CONDITION 4 - Service and Delivery strategy: Required in advance of commencement of development.  This relates to access, circulation and servicing arrangements. MERA made significant comments on this at the time of the original application - particularly in relation to the legality of access by emergency vehicles and refuse collection vehicles at the base of Ennerdale House given the proposed plan for development. Approval of Details PA/10/01352 comment deadline 5th August 2010
  2. CONDITION 18a - Energy Efficiency:  - Scheme detailing proposed energy efficiency measures required prior to commencement of development (with exception of site preparation works and the digging of foundations).   This relates to the WHOLE site.  This must include details of: energy improvements, renewable energy technology.  It must also demonstrate no net increase in carbon emissions and detail communal energy systems for Sites 2A and 15. Approval of Details PA/10/01395 - comment deadline 5th August 2010
  3. CONDITION 28 - Visibility splays: To ensure adequate sightlines are preserved in the interests of pedestrian and highway safety.  Details to be provided and approved prior to the first occupation of any residential unit  - Approval of details  PA/10/01396 comment deadline 5th August 2010
The Department of Transport's Manual for Streets

Department of Transport's Manual for Streets - published 2007
Any resident interested in commenting on 1 and 3 above might well find the Department of Transport's Manual for Streets to be a very interesting and informative resource

You can download the Manual from the DoT website. You may find it easier to right click on the link and select Save Target As (IE) or Save Link As (FireFox). Please email if you experience any problems downloading the PDF file.
  • Manual for Streets: a summary (916 kb) The Manual for Streets was published in March 2007. This summary gives a brief overview of the Manual and is broken down chapter by chapter.
  • Manual for Streets (5 Mb) Manual for Streets provides guidance for practitioners involved in the planning, design, provision and approval of new residential streets, and modifications to existing ones. Please note this is a large file which takes time to download.

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