Thursday, 29 July 2010

Construction Hoarding blocks view of Southern Grove, London E3

Below is the text of a recent report to FixMyStreet.  MERA will be forwarding a link to this blog post to the
Hoarding blocks view of road
Reported in the Roads/highways category by Martin Peter Donkin at 21:21, Wednesday
Sent to Tower Hamlets Borough Council 4 minutes later

The hoarding erected on the corner of Hamlets Way and Southern Grove (north) blocks view of the road. When attempting to turn left from Hamlets Way onto Southern Grove I cannot see if there are any oncoming cars. Oncoming cars will be in the middle of the street due to the other parked cars. As a cyclist, I am a vulnerable road user and I feel that this junction is particularly unsafe. Either the car parking near the junction should be suspended or the hoarding needs to be relocated.

Hoardings are FINALLY displaying licences

Further to our earlier posts about the Construction Site Hoardings and the lack of any display of a licence, we noted this week that the hoardings at Site 12 and 14 suddenly sprouted licences earlier this week.

This is what a Hoarding Licence looks like.  It should clearly state the name of the developer, the Street name and the length and width of the hoarding.

Hoarding which cover nearly all the pavement should also have lights and a safe passage for disabled people.

If you don't see a licence for a Hoarding clearly displayed AT ALL TIMES you can Report an obstruction to the road or pavement online.

See other comments about Hoarding in:

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