Thursday, 5 August 2010

Suspended Parking Brokesley Street - Update

On the 2nd of August at 08.15 the gentlemen from Transco arrived for their days work at Brokesley Street. A member of the MERA committee was there to greet them as we had concerns about the notice given and the lack of any contact number for enquiries. We learnt from residents on the street that the "Parking Suspended" notices probably didn't go up much before Thursday 29th July at a time of year when you would expect people to be away in holiday - see our previous post for details.

Fortunately owners of the four cars left in the suspended bays after 08.30 arrived to move them - the last car just 10 minutes before the men from Transco were to phone to have it removed. So no harm done it seems.
MERA did report this problem to Tower Hamlets and asked why residents' parking spaces are being suspended with no contact telephone number on the notice or information about how to retrieve cars which have been towed and how much this can cost.
We received an email confirming receipt of our inquiry three days ago and a call from Transco yesterday who told us that the posting of suspension notices was the responsibility of the council..... so a further inquiry to LBTH seems in the pipeline..... stay tuned.

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