Thursday, 28 October 2010

Broke Club: Notes from October Review Meeting

It appears that the reassurances that Broke Club gave to the magistrates about the change in the nature of the nightclub are looking more and more threadbare.

Here's a summary of points raised at the Liason Meeting held on 26th October 2010
  1. Clientele - a decline in standards The nightclub assured the Licensing Magistrates that it would aiming to attract an upmarket clientele from Canary Wharf.  The reality is that it will now be holding regular "student's" nights with cheap drinks - starting tonight Thursday 28th October.  The dress code will not be enforced and residents fear that this will mean a a decline in standards for customers.  This perspective is further reinforced by the name of the events (ie "F**k me I'm Broke").  This is hardly going to attract the "better class of customer" that residents were promised at the Appeal Hearing.
  2. Misleading marketing The website appears to be repeatedly at variance with what is stated to the Licencing Officers and residents.  This currently indicates that these will be weekly events and not limited to those who can produce an NUS card.
  3. Anti-social drunks  Residents consider that the proposed low price of drinks is likely to attract an  undesirable element.  It also completely contradicts government policy on action on drink pricing to deter anti-social behaviour
  4. Noise leakage A resident of Wentworth Mews had previously complained about noise break-out from the club. He had sent a message to say that he had not experienced noise from the club in the previous month but had experienced disturbance in the early hours from the cab office at the rear of the club.
  5. Continuing parking problems The owner, Benn Wilson, gave an assurance at the September meeting that the signs directing customers to the designated car parks would be replaced (the original ones had been lost).  There is no evidence this has happened.  In the meantime, local residents continue to complain that the club's customers are still parking in Aberavon Road and making a noise while going to the club and returning in the small hours.  Residents also stated that there had been no evidence of the street marshals who were supposed to patrol local streets while the club was in operation.
Overall most of the assurances given to the Magistrates about parking, the nature of the customers and the control over anti-social behaviour and noise in neighbouring residential streets are now being breached on a regular basis.

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