Monday, 25 October 2010

Broke Club - October review meeting

There's a meeting on the evening of Tuesday 26th October 2010 at the Broke Club (starting at 7.30pm) between the management,Tower Hamlets Licensing and local resident representatives.  The purpose of the meeting is to review the conduct of the Broke Club and their control of both noise and their patron's anti-social behaviour in local residential streets during October.

If, in the last month, you have had a disturbance or a bad experience in relation to noise leakage from the club or the late night activities of the patrons of this nightclub in residential streets please contact 
  • EITHER:  Mark Taylor, Chair, Mile End Residents Association (MERA Hotline No: (talk or text) 07932 626340; Send MERA an email click here
  • AND/OR:  The QuietNight Group - there's a link to their email on their website
We will record, note and present evidence as proof of the unsuitability of having a night club in such a high-density residential area.
The council are collecting residents' experiences.  
  • If you experience a disturbance at any time which you believe might be associated with the nightclub please advise us of what you saw and/or heard. 
  • Please make a note of the date and time and what you saw or heard and provide us with details of your location and any photos or sound recordings.

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