Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Telford Homes ignores Tower Hamlets Planning - again!

Below is the letter which the MERA Chair sent last week to Owen Whalley, Head of Planning and Development Control for Tower Hamlets Council.

It relates to Open Space 2 next to Coniston House and the failure of EastendHomes and Telford Homes to submit a planning application for the creation of a temporary car park during the construction period.

First they constructed a car park without proper (required) permission from Tower Hamlets Planning.  Now they've failed to apply for that permission within the required time limit, despite being told to do so by Planning Enforcement!

Is this yet another example of Telford Homes ignoring what Tower Hamlets Planning has to say?  We're developing a VERY long list of instances where this has happened to date across EastendHomes estate redevelopments in Tower Hamlets.

The cumulative effect is to undermine our confidence in the whole planning process in Tower Hamlets.
Dear Mr Whalley

Please see attached petition from the residents of Coniston House.
(hard copy to be delivered by hand - with possible additional signatures when block reps report back this evening)

We, residents of Coniston House would like to thank you and your department for your interest in our concerns about the development of our car park to the rear of our block.
We ask that when the planning application for a temporary car park is passed that conditions are included to ensure the area is completed in accord with the approved plans within a reasonable time.

There are 66 properties in the block.  The petition includes 45 signatures from 44 properties.  Those who have not signed were out when the local block representative visited their home.  Nobody refused to sign.

As I understand the situation at present is the developers were given a deadline of 28 days to submit a planing application to use the site as a temporary car park on the 16th August. The deadline has now passed. After a conversation with Thomas Doyle (Planning Enforcement Officer) last week it seems no application has been submitted and he is in the process of following this up.

Mark Taylor
Mile End Residents Association (MERA)
MERA - website http://mile-end-residents.co.uk/
MERA - blog  http://meracouk.blogspot.com
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See also A Petition from Coniston House residents for the first petition arising out of the redevelopment of this part of the Eric & Treby Estate.

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