Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Ennerdale House: refuse collection update

Tower Hamlets Refuse Collection:
  • had NOT been advised by EastendHomes of the change to the refuse collection arrangements.  
  • were UNAWARE OF THE REFUSE PROBLEM at Ennerdale House caused by the change in refuse collection arrangements by Telford Homes.
Below you can find the letter we received this morning from Tower Hamlets Council's Interim Waste and Recycling Contracts Manager.  We think that EastendHomes have now breached their current planning permission the delivery of site services (ie how refuse is collected) and we are contacting Tower Hamlets Planning about this matter.
Dear residents

Thank you for your email which has been passed to me for my attention.

As you can see below, I have issued instructions to a number of parties but the main steer needs to come from East End Homes who are obviously responsible for the building works. I am waiting for Gary Tyler to come back to me so we can move on since as you correctly pointed out, we were unaware of the problem.

I have chased Gary again today and will update when I have a response so hopefully we can resolve this issue.


Beth Hodge
Interim Waste and Recycling Contracts Manager
Waste & Recycling Team
Communities, Localities & Culture
London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Tel: 0207 364 2495
The mess around these bins has been cleared - but the refuse is still in the trees. 
Bins are now closed BUT are still contaminated because
for collection of ordinary non-recycling rubbish now that the skip is inaccessible. 

For more photos - see MERA Flickr upload dated 17 November 2010

The Manager's email to her colleagues said the following
Clearly this is a combined issue here that needs sorting out.

Gary - Please can you let us know what the current and future situation is with the refurbishment here in terms of gaining access to the refuse? Do we need to look at creating a new temporary refuse storage area since we don't want to confuse residents with thinking purple bins are for refuse. In Ben's absence (Officer responsible for the area), shall I come and meet you here along with the Refuse Manager, Terry Dugard?

Emine - please can we get these contaminated bins cleared although until the above is sorted, it may happen again. Please also pass to Terry.

Jenny - please can we look at doing some outreach work, I have put it on the request form although again, we obviously need the above sorted first.
There is absolutely no need for residents in our area 
to see ANY bad examples of refuse management or collection.  

This is what was visible on the Eric & Treby estate on 14th November 2010

Derwent House:  Unsightly waste management arrangements 14th November 2010
Frequency of refuse collection is inadequate for coping with refuse quantities

If you see examples of poor management of refuse collection please do not hesitate to let MERA know.  You can also contact

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