Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Another report to the Health and Safety Executive

Yet again MERA are about to report Telford Homes to:
  • the Health and Safety Executive (construction sites)
  • Tower Hamlets Council Planning Enforcement Team 
  • Tower Hamlets Environmental Health Team
This is because they still have totally inadequate controls over the movement of construction traffic on EastendHomes' Eric & Treby Estate.

UNSAFE!!!  MERA is still finding far too many examples of trucks breaching health and safety rules by moving in ways which they are not allowed to do according to the Traffic Management Plan for the Eric & Treby development.  They do NOT have appropriate safety precautions in place - such as the use of banksmen for all reversing procedures on streets - most especially at times when kids are going to and coming home from school.

Here is a video of a truck reversing the whole length of Eric Street - without a banksmen anywhere in sight.

Monday 22nd November 2010: Video of truck reversing from Hamlets Way north up Eric Street
Children are going to school and there is no banksman in sight

and here is a photo of a different truck on the same day doing exactly the same thing in Eric Street coming the other way

Monday 22nd November 2010 (8:05am): Truck reversing without a banksman in Eric Street - north to south
This breaches agreed health and safety rules for this development

We'll also be asking local ward Councillor Rachael Saunders and Councillor Motin Uz-Zaman - who are also Board Members of EastendHomes - what they are doing to make sure the contractors employed by EastendHomes implement the traffic access management plan which has been agreed for the Eric & treby Estate

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