Thursday, 25 November 2010

Veolia needs to clean up its act in Mile End

Mile End Residents Association is making a point of reporting all uncollected rubbish which is on the street and visible AND all bulk containers which are overflowing with rubbish.

We report all uncollected rubbish and overflowing contaoners to FixMyStreet because:
  • it creates a public record for all to see and
  • enables people to pinpoint the location on a map and attach a photo of the rubbish (or other problem in the street)
  • enables us to monitor just how long it takes to get a problem fixed
  • enables us to monitor whether the overall level of service is improving or declining
The situation on waste collection is not improving and recent events would suggest the quality of service delivered is actually declining.
Veolia in Mile End

Veolia Environmental Services has the contract to collect domestic rubbish, trade rubbish, recycling rubbish and to clean the streets in Tower Hamlets
The target for refuse collection is 88 per 100,000. It should be noted that 80% of the properties in Tower Hamlets are high-rise and serviced by bulk containers. Each bulk container if missed is counted as five missed collections in our calculations agreed with the Council.
Performance in collecting bulk containers reported on the Veolia website relates to 2007!!!

Tower Hamlets Council Waste Management Service has the responsibility for monitoring Veolia's performance and exercising quality controls over the way in which the Veolia contract is executed.

Thus when as local residents we find rubbish is not being collected, this is a joint responsibility of both Veolia and Tower Hamlets Council's Waste Management service.

This is the current map of recent incidents reported to FixMyStreet.

Places where MERA and local residents have reported rubbish problems
This is just the rubbish problems!  As you can see quite a few have still not been reported as being fixed.
Feedback to Veolia

You can tell Veolia what you think of their service
We welcome your feedback on the services we offer. Please contact us on the number below for assistance. Call: 020 7812 5000

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