Monday, 13 December 2010

Ennerdale House Rubbish problem continues

The skip situation at Ennerdale House Thursday 9th December 2010
OPEN LETTER TO: Tower Hamlets Council, EastendHomes and Telford Homes plc

The problem with waste collection from Ennerdale House is still a very long way from being resolved.

The MERA Chair started reporting this problem with waste at Ennerdale House to FixMyStreet at the end of October and subsequently to the Mile End Estate Management Board.

We started reporting the problem to you on this blog (which we know you all read) on 13th November and via contact with the council and councillors.  A month later, if anything the situation is getting worse.
  • Putting rubbish in the chute is NOT a long term solution!  
    • When are you going to get to grips with the fact that the skip will be totally out of commission as soon as Telford start building at the base of Ennerdale House?  
    • Where exactly do you propose to collect the non-recycling waste which is currently going down the chute?
  • Why have you as yet not provided a place for people to put their large bags of non-recycling waste from normal large kitchen bins - as seen in every kitchen supplies shop in the country and an awful lot of kitchens in Ennerdale House?  This is the rubbish which will not go down the chute.
It's been suggested that maybe residents should start dumping their rubbish outside the offices of EastendHomes and/or Tower Hamlets Council.  After all this couldn't possibly be an offence as obviously both EastendHomes and Tower Hamlets Council are perfectly content for rubbish to be left for days and days outside the front door of Ennerdale House!

I wonder if the solution might be delivered a bit sooner if we did start doing that?

In the meantime we'll be pursuing the progress of our complaint about this current state of affairs.  Ombudsman here we come!


Mile End Residents Association

PS  We've had a very nice letter from the Considerate Contractor Scheme and hope to meet with them shortly about the conduct of and project management by Telford Homes.  We'll be sending them links to all the evidence of the extremely poor management of services such as waste management during this regeneration project

More reports to those that should be sorting this out 

    MERA will be reporting the current state of affairs to:

    • local ward Councillor Rachael Saunders and Councillor Motin Uz-Zaman - who are also Board Members of EastendHomes
    • Tower Hamlets Council's Waste Management Officers
    • Tower Hamlets Council's Planning Officers
    • Tower Hamlets Environmental Health Officers
    • the Considerate Contractor Scheme - with a recommendation that the label be taken away from Telford Homes
    • the Health and Safety Executive for London (Construction Sites) 

    We will of course continue to monitor and photograph the situation and report all problems to FixMyStreet - for all to see.  Photographs are now being taken on a daily basis.

    Links to all previous posts about the problems with rubbish collection at Ennerdale House:

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