Monday, 21 February 2011

Application for licence to serve refreshments until 5am

Local residents either side of Mile End Road have made their views very clear to the Licensing Committee in the past in relation to the night-time economy activities around Mile End station.

Residents do not like the noise when people are sleeping, the litter and mess and the extreme anti-social behaviour that it brings to the area.
The Fast Food shop Kebabish (under the 24 hour super market - next to the nightclub) at 564B Mile End Road, E3 4PH is currently seeking permission to extend opening hours from 11pm until  05.00 AM for "late night refreshment".
MERA spoke to LBTH Licensing today and they told me some comments have already been received.

Anyone wanting to make representations on this matter needs to write to the Council's Licensing Section before 24th February.

To ensure this application goes to committee for review you need to send your comments to before 24th February

MERA will be highlighting to the Council the police data on the very high level of anti-social behaviour in and around Eric Street.

We know that this anti-social behaviour has a detrimental impact on the lives of those living nearby.  Residents frequently complain about this however it continues to happen.

We believe that
  • a significant proportion of the anti-social behaviour is associated with the night-time economy and the poor standards of behaviour associated with its customers.  
  • the Licensing Committee should be making decisions with a view to protecting residential amenity rather than undermining it.
MERA's view is that a night-time economy which generates poor standards of behaviour has absolutely no place in a densely populated residential area with a high proportion of families such as that found at Mile End.

Children need their sleep if they are to perform well at school.  They should not be woken in the middle of the night by drunks.

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