Friday, 20 May 2011

Eric & Treby: Telford Drivers breach law yet again

It is against the law to use a mobile phone while driving ANY vehicle.  Nevertheless the drivers employed by Telford Homes appear to think they are exempt from the law and other construction/health and safety regulations which prevents them driving within the Eric and Treby Estate without paying due care and attention to other road users and pedestrians - and observing the law!

Telford Homes Driver on mobile phone
in front of Ennerdale House - a high traffic area

while driving a JCB 535 125 Telescopic Handler and moving supplies
around the Eric and Treby Estate
Recently residents witnessed the Return of dangerous vehicle manoeuvres by Telford Homes - which also involved the driver of this yellow vehicle performing dangerous manouvres on the public highway (Hamlets Way).

Telford Homes driver photographed driving while using a mobile phone
at 9.28am on Friday 20th May 2011
The vehicle in question is a JCB 535 125 Telescopic Handler supplied by B&T Plant Hire
B&T Planthire Ltd, Surrey (Head Office). 71-75 Amenity Way (off Garth Road) Morden, Surrey SM4 4AX
Tel: 020 8335 3477 Fax: 020 8330 1330

B&T Planthire Ltd, Kent. Thames Side Terminal, Salt Lane, Cliffe, Kent, ME3 7TA
Tel: 01634 221 496 Fax: 01634 222 539

All machines comply fully with HSE Regulations.
It was driven by a driver wearing a Telford Homes jacket who was not complying fully with all relevant HSE regulations.

A link to this post and the previous post about poor driving on the Eric & Treby Estate is now going to be sent to
  • Tower Hamlets Council Planning Enforcement 
  • the Health and Safety Executive 
  • the Considerate Contractor Scheme, 
  • B&T Plant Hire, 
  • the Project Manager for East End Homes and 
  • the corporate head office of Telford Homes - as clearly the project manager for Telford Homes is not doing his job properly
  • local ward Councillors who are on the East End Homes Board - Councillor Rachael Saunders and Councillor Motin Uz-Zaman 
It is OUTRAGEOUS AND UNLAWFUL for ANY driver of ANY PLANT to drive at ANY TIME on public highways or in any highway area used by the public in a dangerous manner or without due care and attention and which breaches relevant traffic safety law and ALL regulations relating to construction sites and health and safety.  
  • There can be no exceptions.  
  • This is a densely populated housing estate with lots of small children.
The next time we see this happen we will also report Telford Homes and the driver to the Metropolitan Police.

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