Tuesday, 30 August 2011

FixMyTransport starts today!

The FixMyTransport website - home page

FixMyTransport launches today.  You can use it to report a problem with:
  • a journey
  • a route
  • a bus stop
  • an underground or rail station
This is a new 'My Society" website (it's just one of a number of My Society projects which help to make things better for local communities)

This is why FixMyTransport http://www.fixmytransport.com was created.
FixMyTransport was built to help people get common public transport problems resolved. It is targeted specifically at smaller problems such as persistently broken ticket machines, buses that always leave early, or silly rules that appear to do nothing but create inconvenience for travellers.

At a basic level, FixMyTransport makes it easy for people to send problem reports to the companies or authorities responsible for those problems.

However, we know that simply sending an email often won't be enough to get a problem resolved. That's why we've built a complete system to make it easy to gather support other people, whether fellow commuters, colleagues or friends. We believe that this is worth doing because a transport company that doesn't respond to one person may very well respond to ten.

We hope that FixMyTransport will also help people by becoming part of the wider internet community of transport activists and campaigners. In particular, we hope that that community comes to see FixMyTransport as a place where experts and old hands can transfer their skills to people who have little or no experience of lobbying for change.
What you do

  • Set up an account with FixMyTransport -sign up
  • You select what it is you want fixed on the main page
  • Fill in your post code. It helps if you know the post code - however E3 will provide all that we need to know around here
This is the screen you get if you want to report a stop or station in E3

a map of stops and stations in E3
just select the one which you want to comment on
  • select the stop or station you want to comment on eg Mile End Underground station
  • write a message - say what is the problem that is bothering you.  This gets emailed to London Transport on your behalf by FixMyTransport
  • the message gets logged on their website in relation to that stop or station
  • There should be a response from London Transport in due course and/or you will be asked if the problem still exists
Let us know how well this system works for you

If you want to know why we're highlighting this new website on the MERA news blog read on....

FixMyStreet works!

Members of Mile End Residents Association have found another My Society website - FixMyStreet - to be extraordinarily effective in getting the rubbish cleared from our street and sorting out other problems which crop up from time to time.

Let's all hope that this new site will work as well in relation to local transport issues.

Local transport issues

Maybe all those affected by the health and safety aspects of the overcrowding on Mile End Tube platforms in the morning could start lobbying - before the Olympics start and it all gets a lot, lot worse?

Do also let us know what concerns you in particular about how local transport works around and about Mile End.

Note: mySociety is the project of a charity called UK Citizens Online Democracy (no. 1076346)

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