Thursday, 11 August 2011

Neighbourhood Link - community messaging service

This is an alternative way of receiving messages about the neighbourhood from the Safe Neighbourhood Team.  It is NOT a way of contacting the police.

Please note that recent disorder appears to have overwhelmed the system and it is currently offline.  But it's still worth knowing about it for the future.

In the meantime MERA will be asking the police how they intend to make the system robust enough for times when it is really needed!

Text comes from the Metropolitan Police website - see link in title below - with some extra highlighting of relevant text by MERA.
Neighbourhood Link - community messaging service

Neighbourhood Link is a community messaging service from the Metropolitan Police Service that provides news and information about policing activity or initiatives, crime prevention advice as well as major incidents affecting your area.

Through this service you can receive messages from your local Safer Neighbourhood Team, borough police or, in the event of a major incident or event affecting the whole of London, from other Met teams.

In order to receive messages you will need to register your details. This information will enable us to send you messages relevant to the areas you live and work. Anyone can register, whether you live, work or travel in London. Registration is free and simple to follow.

Once you have registered you will receive messages via email unless you have specified otherwise. On some occasions it may be appropriate for messages to be sent via text messages or voicemail.

Learn more about Neighbourhood Link

Neighbourhood Link is not able to receive messages and you should not use it to contact the police. In an emergency always dial 999. An emergency is when a crime is happening, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, someone is injured, being threatened or in danger.

If you wish to contact the Metropolitan police in other circumstances, for example to speak to local police or seek advice on police matters, you can call us by dialling 101 on your telephone.

If you are deaf or have speech impairment you can use a textphone to call us. Dial 18000 in an emergency or 18001 if your call is not an emergency.

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