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Tower Hamlets Police & Community Safety: Residents Question Time 29th September

The Tower Hamlets Police and Community Safety Board is holding a Residents' Question Time meeting

  • ON: Thursday 29th September 2011
  • TIME: 6.30pm - 8.30pm 
  • AT: Idea Store Chrisp Street, 1 Vesey Path, East India Dock Road, E14 6BT.  
This is the second of a series of four public meetings hosted by Tower Hamlets Police and Community Safety Board (P&CSB).  To attend you need to register in advance.  You can also submit questions in advance (details at the end).

These meetings are:
  • A chance for the community to have direct contact with the Police Borough Commander, senior Council officers and partners, to discuss KEY PRIORITIES in the community
  • A platform for local people to share their experiences and views
  • Opportunities to promote and raise awareness of current action being taken to address key issues
The September's public meeting will particularly focus on issues related to:
  • drug dealing (20 minutes)
  • anti-social behaviour (20 minutes)
  • licensing (20 minutes)
  • the impact of the 2012 Olympic Games on the borough in terms of crime and community safety. (20 minutes)
  • Other issues that affect /impact the community (20 minutes)
Police in Riot Gear in Mile End Park on Saturday 3rd September 2011
Particular issues which concern local residents in Mile End 

We've highlighted below the particular issues which concern a number of residents in the Mile End area.

1.  LICENSING:  Topic - The adverse impact of licensing of the night-time economy on the residents of Mile End
Mile End is a densely populated residential area and needs to be protected from the crime and anti-social behaviour associated with the night-time economy spilling over and affecting people's lives and sleep.
  • Were the actions of all those that contribute to the working of the licensing function in Tower Hamlets effective at preventing the events which led to the murder at the Broke/Boheme club (plus prior disturbances) and the identified need to revoke the licence for the nightclub at 562 Mile End Road.
  • Will the Police continue to seek limits on the extent of extended hours for fast food outlets in the Mile End area given the recognised tendency for this to be associated with crime, anti-social behaviour and littering in a residential area?
2  PUBLIC DISORDER:  Topic - The effectiveness of the policing of the end of the "static demonstrations" on 3rd September which led to 
The so-called "static demonstrations" at Aldgate and on Whitechapel Road on 3rd September had a major impact on the local community (eg closure of Mile End Road, major traffic jams) and created general disruption to people trying to go about their normal business at the weekend.

The Police also lost control of the EDL leaving the demonstration.  This led directly to the EDL coach breaking down outside the Mile End Mosque, next to the Ocean Estate in Mile End Road, the closure of Mile End Road and subsequently youths and riot police running around in Mile End Park).  (Thanks to Rehan Jamil for use of the photo he took at the time).  

The preface to this public disorder was the riots in August which also raised considerable anxiety amongst local people when it appeared that effective protection by the Police was not available and local communities had to defend themselves.
  • We're very surprised to see that neither the riots nor the public disorder following the static demonstrations merit an appearance on the agenda for this meeting
  • Would the level of disturbance to local people and the scope for "static demonstrations" to get out of hand (as happened on 3rd September) not be better controlled if such demonstrations were held away from residential areas?
  • Would the Police agree that The Town Hall and associated car parks are a more appropriate location for such demonstrations at a weekend?
3.  NOISE NUISANCE:  Topic - Local residents have noted and commented on the more frequent and more extended use of emergency sirens since recent public disorder events.
  • While we recognise that use of sirens are essential at times, their use since the Public Disorder appears to have become much more frequent and much more extended.  In the context of recent events this only serves to raise anxiety levels amongst local residents.  Use of extended sirens at night - as has been happening - is anti-social behaviour and constitutes a noise nuisance unless use is strictly necessary.
  • Are the Police prepared to be accountable for the extended and more frequent use of ALL emergency sirens used by the Police?
  • See STOP excessive use of emergency sirens!
Details of the Meeting

The meeting will be chaired by John Biggs, Metropolitan Police Authority Link member.  The panel will include:
  • Paul Rickett (Police Borough Commander), 
  • Andy Bamber (Head of Safer Communities, LBTH), 
  • Vince Fihosy (2012 City Operations Programme Director, Greater London Authority), 
  • Mary Durkin (Head of Youth & Community Learning, LBTH), 
  • Colin Perrins (Head of Commercial Services, LBTH) and 
  • Rachael Sadegh (Interim Drug, Alcohol, Action Team Co-ordinator, LBTH).
If you'd like a copy of the poster, programme and/or notes of the last public meeting please contact Mark Taylor, Chair of MERA (see the side column for how to do this)

You can submit questions in advance of the meeting.  It's more likely that those who do will get their questions answered.

To attend you MUST register by contacting the following officer on 020 7364 1613 or

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