Thursday, 26 January 2012

Optimise continue to ignore regulations in Brokesley Street

Thames Water's contractors Optimise (which combines contractors Clancey Docwra and J Murphy and Sons) are currently breaching:
  • the suspension of parking in Brokesley Street which was limited to 23-24 January 2012
  • the ban on construction traffic in Brokesley Street as per the planning conditions for the development on Site 10 (1 - 14 Brokesley Street).
It's worth repeating - that says "No Construction Traffic in Brokesley Street"

Roadworks are complete - so why is the fencing still there?

Where is the parking control notice
for 25-26 January 2012?
This follows on from the post on Monday when access to the street was blocked by contractors vehciles - see Clancey Docwra block Brokesley Street to emergency vehicles

The photographs in this post were taken just before 9am this morning.

The road should be clear of all fencing - because the holes in the road were completed yesterday.  There is now no reason for fencing to be protecting the area of road they have been working on.  

The other reason the fencing should not be there is because cars are now allowed to park on the other side of the street according to the suspended parking notice!

There are works to do to the pavement but:
  • they do not require the fencing which remains and 
  • if they do - then they need to apply for an extension of the parking suspension
The road should also be clear of all construction and contractors vehicles - as per the planning conditions - but it is not.  
  • There is a lorry parked at the top of the street 
  • an Elm Surfacing Van (Transit Connect - Vehicle Reg. HK57 FLC) - which is parked within the "suspended parking area".  Which means it's definitely breaching parking controls as it has neither a permit if the parking is not suspended and it's parked in an area of suspended parking (ie required for access in and out of the street) if the controls are still in force.
Our understanding is that the suspended parking bays are not suspended unless there is a clear notice and the area is marked on the pavement.

Elm Surfacing Van Reg. No HK47 FLC
reported to parking control and TfL
Brokesley Street has had a series of suspended parking bays - ostensibly for works - when nobody has turned up and nothing has happened.

We now have work occurring which ignores both the planning conditions and the parking controls.  This is completely unsatisfactory.

Luke, the Telford Homes Project Manager, knows all about this as he was present on site this morning when we arrived to take photographs.  He disappeared very rapidly from the scene as the camera appeared.  We wonder why.........

Reports of the very poor management of these utility/road works by Thames Water, Optimise and Telford Homes are being lodged by MERA with:
You can also send in your own reports.

UPDATE: Click on image to read report filed 10am on 26 January 2012

MERA will also be sending emails again to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (Parking Control and Development Control)

This is the standard which Thames Water SHOULD be working to - over and above the requirements re planning conditions and parking controls.  

The Mayor of London's Roadworks Pledge

Roadworks should...
  • Be tidy and safe with a clutter-free site so it is safe for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users
  • Always explain what's happening through detailed, clear and consistent signage
  • Always have activity on site or, if not, explain why (e.g. concrete is drying)
  • Take up as little road/pavement space as possiblewith a compact working area and eliminating the unnecessary use of cones, safety barriers and storage of materials
  • Help keep London moving by working outside peak hours, re-opening the road to traffic at peak times and, where this is not possible, working 24/7 or extended hours to complete works as quickly as possible. Diversion routes should be clearly signed

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