Thursday, 26 January 2012

RESULT! Brokesley Street open again

Following this morning's blog post and various reports to the "powers that be" (see Optimise continue to ignore regulations in Brokesley Street), cars are now able to park again in the "suspended parking bays" at the top of Brokesley Street.

That's because the bays were NOT suspended for the 25-26 January 2012.

Brokesley Street 2pm 26 January 2012
The reality is that Thames Water - via its agent Optimise - OBSTRUCTED the street for two days without the necessary authority. 

There was no emergency which necessitated this obstruction.  These are planned works for a new housing development project - managed by Telford Homes - and as such should have been completed within the time allotted ie within the time allowed by the permits.

However the parking bays were rendered inaccessible by the fencing in the road and the works by Thames Water and its agents which took far too long to be completed.  Difficulties were caused for residents trying to get in or out of the street and delivery vans got stuck while trying to make deliveries.  Deliveries were taking place because of course there should have been no obstruction in the street!

Proper permits for suspending parking should have been in place at all times if required - but neither the developers Telford Homes nor the utility company Thames Water, nor their agenct Optimise made sure this happened.

Proper notice should also have been given to householders - but this did not happen.

Despite overhearing a contractor this morning stating that the fencing would be moved at the end of today, by midday the fencing had been moved back to the pavement - but not before it had succeeded in blocking a very large van making a delivery to the street.

We will now wait to hear from the Council what actions they will be taking for the fact that the road was obstructed without permit and construction vehicles are still parked in the street - on double yellow lines - which are not suspended!

Construction vehicle NJ57 GDF - parked on yellow lines in Brokesley Street
This vehicle has been reported to Tower Hamlets Parking and Transport for London - as will all construction vehicles which are parked in the road.  The place for parking is the Approved Access Route to Site 10 - via the old St Clements Hospital site

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