Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mile End Councillor arrested for alleged death threats

Mile End East Ward Councillor Kosru Uddin has been named as the Councillor arrested for allegedly making death threats following an incident at the end of last night's Council Meeting when debate apparently deteriorated into anti-social behaviour.

The Labour Councillor who represents the ward which covers the MERA area has, by all accounts, been held in custody at an East London Police Station since his arrest late last night.

Ccouncillor Uddin was named as the arrested councillor in the following articles - which also provide accounts of what happened
  1. Trial By Jeory - Labour councillor arrested over alleged threats to kill
  2. The Evening Standard - 'Death threat' at London 2012 Olympics borough council meeting and 
  3. East London AdvertiserTower Hamlets councillor arrested over alleged ‘threat to kill’ is still held
Councillor Uddin is accountable to the Council AND the electorate of Mile End East for his activities as a Councillor.  

Following the news reports MERA has written to Councillor Uddin asking for an explanation.

We are waiting for an answer.

MERA will keep you updated on how this matters progresses.  You can subscribe to this blog by clicking the link below.

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