Friday, 25 May 2012

Still waiting for a response from Cllr Uddin

Following the news reports last week MERA wrote to our local Mile End East Ward Councillor Kosru Uddin asking for an explanation with respect to his arrest and detention in custody at a Police Station.  (see Mile End Councillor arrested for alleged death threats).

Last week we indicated we were waiting for an answer. 

As of today's date we are still waiting for an answer. 

What happened last week 

Cllr Uddin was involved in an incident at the end of the Council meeting which involved two other Councillors - Councillor Rania Khan (Bromley by Bow) and her mother Councillor Lutfa Begum (Limehouse)
  • There were allegations of death threats by Cllr Uddin
  • Cllr Uddin was arrested by the police on suspicion of making threats to kill and held in custody overnight by the Metropolitan Police. 
  • He was released the next day on bail, pending further investigation. 
  • Cllr Uddin will find out in mid June whether he is to be charged as a result of the incident
Cllr Uddin issued a statement to the local press - but not the Mile End Residents Association - on Tuesday.  An East London Advertiser article Councillor denies threatening to kill in row at Tower Hamlets council reports as follows
“I entirely reject the allegation that I made any kind of threat against her or anyone else after Wednesday night’s council meeting. I have made a statement to police and look forward to my name being cleared in due course.”
Cllr Uddin
MERA will be following this story and looks forward to hearing from our local ward councillor.

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