Tuesday, 27 July 2010

TfL Consultation on moving bus stop in Mile End Road

Transport for London proposes making changes to the location of the bus stop / bus stand on the south side of Mile End Road, near Mile End Tube.  This falls within the area covered by the Mile End Residents Association and MERA will be commenting on the proposals.  Local residents may also wish to do likewise

Highway 2012 - Mile End Road: 
This stretch of road has frequent accidents and is DANGEROUS

The stretch of the A11 (Mile End Road/Bow Road) between the Burdett Road Traffic Lights and Tescos, Bow Road (ie the northern boundary of MERA) is an exceptionally dangerous area of road with frequent/nasty accidents to pedestrians crossing the road and cyclists and motorists travelling west and east bound - along the entire stretch of road.

Making any changes at any point on this road has implications for the whole stretch of road.  Consequently MERA is very concerned that:
  • the changes are being proposed are done within the overall context of the accident record for the whole strtch of road
  • the proposed changes are transparent and explicit - in terms of the ramifications for traffic patterns as a whole
  • any changes made IMPROVE the situation rather than making it worse.  
 We also want to understand the reasons for the change proposed (within the context of options) as well as what is proposed.

 Major accident on A11 (27th November 2009)
causing whole road to be closed for a long time and massive gridlock

We have viewed the documentation and TFL plans concerning the revised arrangements for the bus stop layout and they are WAY BELOW AN ACCEPTABLE STANDARD FOR PUBLIC CONSULTATION

As a Residents Association we have viewed very many digital reports and files of plans during the course of consultation on planning applications
    •    the lack of any documented scheme for RNM/STOT/TRO.to2. GLA/2010/457 explaining the proposed changes is unacceptable.  We want to see the report by the Traffic Engineer.  What is meant by a bus cage?  What are the implications for traffic patterns within the context of a very dangerous stretch of road?
    •    the plans supplied with the consultation on this Traffic Order - as a prime document - are the worst we've ever seen by a very long way. Basically the plans are completely incomprehensible unless manipulated in a graphics program and appear to be a rough draft rather than a proper plan

We have asked Transport for London (Red Routes) and Tower Hamlets Council Highways Department to arrange for:
  • the production of the scheme report which documents in narrative form the proposed changes and the reasons for the proposed changes (ie a Traffic Order is not a narrative explanation of the reasons for the change) 
  • a better digital file of the relevant plans OR to direct us to where better quality digital files of report and plans can be seen on the TFL website.
We will report back on their response.

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