Monday, 10 January 2011

Look at the mess AFTER the rubbish collection!

The Ennerdale Rubbish Saga continues.

BELOW This was the situation on Sunday 9th January 2010.

Sunday 9th January - overflowing waste bins and large items left out for collection
BELOW This was the situation on this morning AFTER the rubbish had been collected.

Not enough bins means overflowing bins and an unsightly mess - which is made even worse by Veolia!

This is what was left after Veolia had emptied the bins.
Not nice and a very long way from an acceptable standard of service delivery!
Residents and visitors walk right past here on entering and leaving Ennerdale House.  This standard of service delivery is hugely disrespectful of the people who live in the building.

We're also very unclear as how this complies with the Tidy Street standards required for rubbish collection by Veolia?

After all the reason why there is a lot of mess is on the floor is because an inadequate number of bins have been provided and/or the the collection is not frequent enough for the bins provided.

So why don't Veolia just start collecting every day until they work out how often the collection needs to be for the bins provided?

We're currently wondering whether EastendHomes or Telford Homes have worked out how many extra paladins are going to be required when residents have to stop using the chute because the Veolia truck cannot access the skip at the rear.

If this is the sort of mess which is going to be created then we're now thinking that  a temporary structure is required to keep all of the bins completely out of sight during the construction period.

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