Sunday, 25 July 2010

Anti-social behaviour: Two important meetings next week

There are two important meetings this next week - both of which relate to anti-social behaviour in Mile End.

Broke Club - 27th July 2010

The meeting for local residents is on Tuesday 27th July at 7.30pm at the Broke Club, 562 Mile End Road E3 4PH

MERA representatives, the Quietnight Group and individuals from surrounding streets will be meeting the licence holder, Benn Wilson and a representative from the Tower Hamlets Licensing Department.

The purpose of the meeting is to monitor how matters are progressing in terms of the impact of the club's activities on local residents and compliance with the terms of the licence.

At the last meeting, issues on car parking and sound levels of the music were discussed but no major problems were brought up by any near-by residents.

However earlier this week we had reports from a large number of local residents that there is now regular parking of vehicles in Eric Street by people visiting Broke Club.  MERA representatives have now visited the area at night and seen this happening on a number of nights.  This includes cars parked in such a way around the Wentworth Mews area that they would have impeded the access of emergency vehicles in the event of a fire.

We understand that the same thing is happening in Aberavon Road.  Both these streets were the ones which suffered from a great deal of disturbance with the previous club and the type of clientele it attracted.

Broke Club are supposed to be monitoring the area surrounding the club but have either not picked up on the parking problem or have failed to address it effectively to date.

This weekend, there has also been an event which has caused some concern and disturbance.

All residents are welcome to attend the meeting.

Contact MERA if you need the hotline number to to report problems to the owner of the club and/or we can report problems on your behalf. See column on right for our contact details
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Mile End East Safe Neighbourhood Team - 29th July 2010

The Mile End East Safe Neighbourhood Team are holding a Public Meeting on Thursday 29th July at the Community Centre in Merchant Street on the British Street Estate.  The meeting starts at 7pm.

At their public meetings the SNT ask you to tell them about the issues of crime and anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood that matter to you.  Find out more on the Mile End East SNT website

They will tell you what they are doing to make your neighbourhood safer and how you can help to decide our local priorities.

Currently the Locally Agreed Priorities are as follows
  • Anti Social Behaviour - Drugs
  • Anti Social Behaviour by groups of youths
  • Anti Social Behaviour by youths causing noise and nuisance
This is the update on actions taken to date
We have established a Dispersal Zone in Eric Street. This has given Police the power to disperse groups of youths engaged in anti- social behaviour.
MERA encourages local residents to attend to voice their unhappiness with the lack of support and the situation which has developed in the Kerrygold Garden (ie lack of dispersal of groups engaged in anti-social behaviour - see Top 10 Problems with the Kerrygold Garden) and other matters causing concern.
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